tiffany showing us his amazing skill to dance



finally fany made an instagram

Taeyeon and the dogs

seohyun is literally slaying everyone


About “Only U” lyrics

"Seohyun wrote these lyrics while on a trip to the Swiss Alps with her parents. That’s really impressive. The competition was intense. There were about 30-40 lyric entries for this song, and after a harsh judging process, Seohyun’s was picked."-Tiffany

"It came easily as I was working where I could see the snowy landscape before me. I wrote it in one day."-Seohyun


So sm released other videos NOT TTS RELATED FAKE ASS HOES


Yes because I totally stayed up for a live performance I saw 4 days ago to be posted to SM



Tiffany: “The visual performance is important too, but as time goes by, I think I want to hear, ‘As expected, she sings really well.’ more.”“ 

Lucky Charms Rainbow