We will never leave you, Jessica.

monday, tuesday, i’ll be there
wednesday, thursday, loving you more
friday, saturday, sunday, i will love you more and more

everyday you’re in my heart…

funny thing was that in 7th grade i did an essay project on snsd

  • Mom:  Wake up time for school
  • Me:  has an SNSD member made a statement
  • Mom:  what
  • Me:  what


I can’t get it over it

How fucking stupid can you be to mess with the members of the crowned Number #1 girl group in the world. It’s a blessing they’re under your company, your fucking stupid

  • Sulli:  I'm sick of this.I want to quit.
  • Sm:  Nooo.Lets just say that you're on a hiatus.You can come back anytime you want.
  • Jessica:  I want to stay.
  • Sm:  Nope.


You have no idea how much I want SM to keep dropping I want them to be so broke they can’t find a penny in the side of the couch

Song: Almost
Artist: Jessica
Played: 1,152 times


Just a reminder to SM and everyone else.

Her voice is flawless.

She cannot be replaced.


snsd went from 9 members to 8…………. at the same time pluto was declared a planet again so the solar system went from 8 planets to 9…………. illuminati

  • me:  i am actually so happy with my life right now for once
  • next day:  *everything fucks up*

something that will never change: her clapping

SM Ent Loses More Than $60 Million In Just 2 Days After Dropping Jessica, Will they Bounce back This Time? See What people are saying… 



After dropping Jessica from SNSD, SM has lost more than $60 Million dollars so far in just a few days. Many netizens are saying, they may have been able to recover in the past, but they have now hit every single one of their groups, except SHINee.

"…They will milk EXO even more now to get that money back! be prepared for Kai breaking another bone. It’s SM we’re talking about, making money is their specialty, they will find a way to get that money back, no matter who they’re going to have to sacrifice

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